Hungarian Yoga Teachers’ Association

Together for quality yoga education

Who are we?

The Hungarian Yoga Teachers’ Association was founded in 2006 with the intention of creating a quality assurance system that helps to navigate the assessment of the quality and qualification level of individual yoga teachers and yoga training courses, which are often difficult to compare.

The purpose of the certification is not a value judgement, but on the one hand to determine a minimum level of knowledge that is essential for the safe and effective teaching of yoga, and on the other hand to develop the most objective standard possible, which can give an idea of the level of experience and credibility of individual instructors and schools.

What is our goal?

The overall goal of the Hungarian Yoga Teachers’ Association is to support the cooperation and joint action of Hungarian yoga teachers for the sake of quality yoga education. 

By joining forces, we strengthen the sense of unity and brotherhood instead of differences. By quality, we mean the preservation of the ancient values of yoga in yoga education, with which we contribute to the well-being of humanity.

To achieve this, the Association wishes to implement the following social goals:

Creation, formalization and promotion of a widely recognized certified yoga instructor

Building a professional self-training and self-development network based on the professional
knowledge of the members of the Association.

Providing support to the members of the Association in cultivating the profession of yoga

Encouraging charitable activities by imparting the spirituality of karma yoga and related
practical knowledge.

What are we doing?

Our Association aims to achieve the following specific tasks:

It builds external partnerships with traditions, yoga studios, and actors in the domestic yoga scene. Establishes international collaborations with EU and world-level organizations. Our association is a member of the European Yoga Confederation and the World Yoga Confederation.

It implements a transparent, systematically structured internal operation, in which the common goals are clearly formulated for everyone, the realization of which is based on the coordination of the ideas and goals of the leaders of the work group.

By establishing standards for yoga teacher certification, the Association creates a well-documented, objective procedural process, assesses applications for yoga teacher certification, and keeps records of its members.

It develops a minimum code containing the ethical requirements specific to yoga.

With the territorial register of yoga instructors and organizations and its publication as widely as possible, it helps all interested parties to find the nearest guaranteed quality yoga education.

It carries out marketing activities in order to increase the awareness and social acceptance of the
Association’s trademark.

It organizes cross-tradition professional programs, thereby creating the foundations of a professional network connecting traditions. The Yoga Conference and the Yoga Festival will be held with the participation of hundreds of people.

It provides professional support for the beginner yoga teacher generation.

It organizes programs, lectures, and workshops that help our members to realize the profession of
yoga teacher.

The yoga teachers are professionally supported by the spirituality of karma yoga and the transfer of related practical knowledge.

We organize charity programs for those who want to practice yoga, but find it difficult financially.

It carries out regular needs assessment and information gathering among the members regarding the work of the Association, and based on this, it continuously develops the scope of its own activities and their organization.


The Hungarian Yoga Teachers’ Association issues a trademarked certificate to all yoga teachers, yoga organizations members who meet the requirements set by the Association. The holder of the certificate is entitled to use the quality mark.

I believe that yoga is for everyone. For you too…

“I believe that yoga is for everyone, for you too. It cannot be appropriated by any community, it would be a shame to take it away, to keep it at the level of sport is a deception, and to mix it with something else is a mistake.

As yoga instructors, we represent and spread the original values of yoga, which is proven by the fact that our members can only be instructors who meet the National Yoga Teacher Minimum and all accept the definition of yoga.

Although we are only an Association, we are the ones who organize yoga festivals, yoga conferences and professional further training courses here in Hungary. Those who unite and represent the various yoga schools, studios, and instructors.

We offer yoga teachers a supportive community where we work together to raise the profile of yoga.

I personally stand behind the MJSZ and welcome all ideas and cooperation that advance the cause of yoga.”

Best regards,
Zsuzsanna Komjáti / Priya Ánanda
president of the Hungarian Yoga Teachers’ Association

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